Our current Board members are:

Presiding Member (Board Chair): Bruce Young

Parent Representatives: Lynda Leavai, Paula Laiman, Lise Wikitera

Proprietor's Representatives: Father Peter Tipene, Bruce Young

Staff Representative: Lina Faiilagi

Principal: Kathryn Hira

Our Board of Trustees works on behalf of all of the school's stakeholders and is directly accountable for the performance of the school. The Board works in the area of governance which involves:

Kathryn Hira, our Principal, acts in a CEO role on the Board reporting to the Board as a whole. The Board does not involve itself in the administrative details of the day to day running of the school. The Board is positive and proactive in its operations. Our elected parent representatives, along with the Proprietor's representative, Principal and Staff representative form the Board. At all times they aim to support the Principal, staff and students with a clear focus on enhancing student learning.

Board meetings are public meetings and parent attendance is welcome. Meetings are generally held twice a term on a Thursday at 5.45pm. Dates and times will be advertised in the school newsletter, a copy of which is available in the Newsletters section of this website.

If you wish to contact a Board member, please do so through the school office.