Class Dojo

At St Mary's we use Class Dojo to communicate with our community and for children to share their learning.

Class Dojo...

  • Focuses on creating a positive class and school culture

  • Fosters a student driven classroom

  • Keeps our door open to families

  • Fosters collaboration

The main features of Class Dojo that we use at St Mary's are Class Story, School Story, Portfolios and Messaging.

Class Story and School Story

Class Story is a feature that teachers can use to share photos, videos, and announcements about their class with all of the parents connected to that class.

School Story is a feature to share school wide updates, important messages, reminders, events, photos and videos from around the school with all of the connected parents of verified teachers in the school.

Both Class Story and School Story are shown together in a beautiful feed so that parents can scroll through and stay in the loop with what's happening in their child's classroom and school!

At St Mary's you can expect at least one Class Story a week and School Story posts are regularly made.


Portfolios is a digital portfolio that allows students to share with their teachers and family! Students can add to their portfolio using Chromebooks, laptops, and iOS/Android devices, even from home.

Teachers then view and approve student work. Once approved, only parent accounts connected to their student can see those particular posts and both parents and teachers can leave positive feedback in the form of a ‘like’ and/or comments.

Portfolios are used to engage with students in the classroom and at home. They offer choice and flexibility with creative upload tools like photos, videos, files, journaling, and drawing. Students can explain their thinking with voice notes, captions, and annotations.

At St Mary’s all students have a portfolio and regularly add learning activities and reflections to it. Please take time to view your child's portfolio. They love receiving a 'like' and getting feedback from home!


Messaging allows teachers to communicate with every family in their classroom. It allows teachers to send messages, photos, stickers, and voice notes to parents (without giving out their phone number). Messaging is also a way for parents to connect directly with your child’s teacher. Messages should be directly related to teaching and learning.

Other features and benefits of Class Dojo

  • Builds 1:1 connections and families stay connected even if their contact information changes

  • Automatic translations mean language is never a barrier

  • Read receipts let teachers know when parents view their message

Class Dojo's Privacy Policy can be viewed here